A new Daily Currant/YouThink poll shows that 27% of registered republicans believe that Adolf Hitler is the historical leader most similar to Obama. Another 24% choose Joseph Stalin, while only 3% said Abraham Lincoln.
Astronomers Say Asteroid Will Strike Earth Tomorrow


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Obama Unveils New American Flag

President Barack Obama introduced a new flag today for the United States of America.

At a press conference in Washington, D.C. the recently reelected socialist declared that he had issued an executive order replacing the traditional stars-and-stripes with a new design intended to be ¬†more “progressive and diverse.”…


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Bachmann: ‘We Must Ban Falafel’ in School Lunches
Romney Calls Hispanics ‘Taco Jockeys’ In Hidden Camera Tape
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Ladies and gentleman, 

Todd Akin Agrees to Debate ‘Monkey-Lover’ Bill Nye
"Because your ass is gonna fucking need it when I’m done whipping."
Bill Nye challenges Todd Akin to a debate. 
U.S. Congressman Todd Akin recently claimed that homosexuality can be cured by 4 weeks of live breastfeeding. 

Is Todd Akin right? 
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